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Using immersive learning technology to improve skills acquisition

May 31, 2018

We learn new skills through repetition.

When we repeat actions with the intention of getting better, we call this practice.

It works, but it's laborious, and without guidance can lead to bad habits, poor technique, and - most often - failure. That means lower confidence, lower performance, and self-limiting beliefs.

As learning professionals we can improve the effectiveness of this process by providing the right knowledge and structure, and then through coaching as skills are practised, reflected upon, and new mental models developed.

The problem now is that it's not realistic to scale this level of support for a whole organisation.

This is where technology comes in.

Dr Doug Seifert and the team at Syandus are leaders in immersive learning technology. This is about using AI to scale up the practice-plus-coaching model at a fraction of the cost of getting real people to do it.

In this podcast I talk to Doug about how it works.